The Mind Matters for Fitness

"Working out is the worst".

"I wish I could just take a pill and be at my goals".

Today we are talking about how your mentality can get you to your goals faster

welcome to RX Fit, the recipe for fitness.

I have noticed a trend with the clients who reach their goals fast and the people who struggle along that journey. The commonality among those who reach their goals, is the "can-do" mind set, or a "I have to" approach. This falls into a category that is very often overlooked by clients AND personal trainers, called mindset. As much as I want it to be true, just doing the work won't yield the results, you have to know it's going to work AND that you will get it done. A positive mindset holds more power than most people realize. Our minds have true power over our biology.

Why is your mindset so important during your fitness journey?

You know that moment when you are completely exhausted and you still have 20 minutes left? There are two way to look at that moment. You either look down, close your eyes and with complete fatigue saying "How am I going to get through this?" OR look straight forward with big eyes and say "This is nothing for me, I can do so much more".

That is called mindset. In both of these scenarios, you are physically in the same condition, the only difference is the strength of you mind.

Entertain me for a moment and force yourself to smile. Yeah right now, make a big cheesy smile and think about being happy. Do it for about 30 seconds. Please do it for the whole 30 (ha, whole get it).

Without fail you will notice that your mood will lift just a little bit. This is a known phenomenon as the placebo effect. Meaning if you believe something will work it will have some benefit even though it has no known therapeutic benefit.

This is normally done in pill form but it still works this way as well.

Placebo literally translates to 'I Shall Please' in latin. It's called such, because doctors used to give patients spoonfuls of syrup and tell them it was medicine to ease the pain. It's a common word that is a completely unknown of how, or why, it works. In pharmaceutical studies it has a 15-72% increase in benefits. Yep, you read that right. A compound that has no known therapeutic benefit, has a 15-72% success rate in reducing pain, treating minor ailments and even some diseases.

That is mind boggling. that something that has no known therapeutic benefit can effect your physiology so much.

And better yet there is another condition known as psychosomatic. psycho 'for the head' and somatic 'for the body', together it is the mind body connection. Meaning that your body will be effected by the state of your mind.

Those who are effected by psychosomatic syndromes are truly fascinating. Just by believing they you have an illness can cause that illness to arrive or proliferate throughout the body. Doesn't this just completely blow your 'mind'? We are in a biological state based on the allowed health of the mind.

You are probably seeing the connection by now. Your state of mind effects your body's ability to overcome.

so when I say that the benefits you will receive from your workouts is highly dependent on your state of mind you better believe it. There are even studies showing that you can heal faster, from surgeries, injuries, soreness, or disease, depending on your state of mind, but we will save that for a rainy day.

So when you are trying to get in the mood to workout or when you think you are at your limits during a workout, give this a shot. Tell yourself you are stronger than this and nothing will stop you from reaching your goals. Better yet, give me a big smile during the workout and BELIEVE that you are better than this pain.

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