Should you Pay A Personal Trainer?

Why do people pay so much for personal trainers?

And is it worth the cost?

Today, I'm talking about the value of a personal trainer.

This hurdle of us bringing enough value to the customer to cover the cost, was always on my mind.

Let's play a little game, when I ask you what the value of a personal trainer is, what are your answers?

I'm going to guess for you because unfortunately you aren't here hanging out with me.

1. they have knowledge for the fastest way to get to my goals.

2. they know how to prevent me from hurting myself.

3. they make working out more fun.

Well, if you decided to earn a couple of certifications to be a trainer yourself it would cost you $500 and a couple of weekends. That wouldn't make you a great trainer but you would gain the majority of the information that the average trainer knows.

What does a trainer cost a month? Well, on average about $60 dollars an hour, at a minimum of two hours a week, for 4 weeks. In case you were as bad as I was at month in school, that is at least $480 a month. It will take at least 3 months to hit any goal. So, that means at the bare minimum you will spend $1440.

So, for $1,000 less you can learn a lot of the knowledge yourself and that can last a lifetime. So, point 1 and 2 don't make it worth it the cost. How about point 3? Well you can't a price on entertainment, so the trainer in question better be the best time of your life. Like when you show up he brings streamers, and a gold medal. With a playlist dedicated to your moods. (That actually sounds awesome).

Ok, I've strung ya'll along far