Myo My - The Perfect Muscle

Have you seen a little kid trip lately?

Limbs stretch out in every impossible direction to try and recover! And when they can’t, they just roll and pop up a few seconds later, completely intact. Meanwhile, us adults take a little misstep off a curb on the way to work, and we’re wincing for weeks, complaining about pulling something in our hip or leg.

Why is that? Why do we stiffen up so much as we get older?

The real culprit isn’t aging, but inactivity and inattention to the body. I think it's safe to say that we’ve all heard we should be moving and stretching regularly. But have you ever had anyone tell you to release your fascia? Unless you are working with a trainer or majored in a biology based topic, odds are it hasn’t come up. And yet, your fascia could quite literally be holding you back right now!

So, what is fascia?

There are actually three types, but we are going to focus on the deep fascia. In short, the deep fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and serves three primary purposes: 1. Hold the muscles in place; 2. Separate the muscles so they can operate independently; 3. Act as a contained surface the muscles fibers can easily slide within to fully stretch and flex. NUMBER 3! When we are inactive or dehydrated the fascia will begin to lose that slick surface. Areas of fascia will begin to constrict and the smooth tissue will tangle, restricting the movement of the muscle within. When this happens, the fascia must be released to regain full range of motion.

How do you release the fascia?

A foam roller and a lacrosse ball act as excellent tools to assist with self myofascial release (SMFR). Applying light sustained pressure and moving with the grain of the tissue will effectively release the constriction. If you’ve never done SMFR before, the results can often be quite dramatic.

Check out our site and follow along with a release video and see for yourself!

It’s a new year folks! Lets release our fascia and start literally moving along with greater ease.