3 Stretches To Do If You Run

Running is healthy, there's no doubt about that. It can also be fun. However, be warned if you run regularly our it can cause serious damage to your knees, ankles and even lower backs. Not to worry because as usual our RX Trainers have remedies for such potential threats to your health. Just focus on these three stretch to reduce damage to your body.

1. The most important muscle in the leg for running is your calf (gastrocnemius and soleus) muscle. It is responsible for that springing in your sprint. So, this muscle should constantly be stretched, or massaged. My personal favorite is the wall stretch. Next to a wall, or any perpendicular object from the floor, lift your toe to as high as you can and press against the wall. Keep your leg straight and lean towards the wall with your body. If you do it right, you will feel a deep pull almost tearing feeling in the calf but that is completely normal. Do this often and for at least a minute on each calf. 2. The unspoken hero of the run is the arch of your foot. It's tiny but can cause some serious pain in the ankle and leads to planar fasciitis. This is very easy to do and you don't even have to stop working at your desk. If you have a small ball, something hard. While sitting at your desk take your shoes off and place the ball under one of your arches. Place as much pressure as you can handle onto the ball. While maintaining that pressure run the ball up and down your foot, from heel to toes. Do so for 4-5 minutes on each foot. 3. Now to the powerhouse of the run. The thighs, more importantly the quads. These are massive muscles and need personal attention, regularly. Tight quads are the single most consistent issue with RX Fit clients. Back, hip, knee and ankle pain can come from over active quads.

Here is a picture of how to perform the quad stretch using a chair. All of these stretches are crucial for maintaining a pain free and healthy body. As always if you have any concerns about how to perform these or would like some accountability just head over to the "Book Consult" page and signup for a free consult. Until next time, Keep it Fit.