Can Your Health Increase Your Salary?

By now, you and I both are aware that there is an association with health and a lifetime of income, how much you put in savings, and accumulation of wealth over the years . Thanks to the National Bureau of Economic Research we know that for the most part that is because being unhealthy costs us more in medical bills over our lifetime. To give a specific number "the average healthy 65-year-old with high school degree has $230,000 in wealth compared to $120,000 for an unhealthy 65-year-old with a high school degree". That's double income earned based on health. On average healthy people accumulate more wealth over time and earn more money: They make about 28% more than unhealthy people over their lifetime.

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fitness can lead to increase in higher income

So, there are indirect ways that health can lead to increased income like participation in the labor supply among the healthy is at 90% while participation for unhealthy people is 70%. Generally, when you are working out regularly, and pushing yourself beyond physical and mental limits, putting yourself out there in a professional manner becomes much less daunting. That is fitness, biologically speaking, putting yourself in an uncomfortable mental and physical state. As with high intensity workouts. This idea, of placing yourself in physical discomfort, is similar to the study on people who took cold showers for a month, with the intention to find a change in behavior. They did find changes, in fact almost all of them reported taking chances that they would have normally not made. Maybe those chances led to less than favorable outcomes, like saying yes to a date with the guy who over uses "so, therefore". At the end of the day we can say that generally more chances taken can lead to more success gained. More chances taken professionally can lead to, at the very least standing out from your co-workers, major successes on projects. These chances taken just from the psychological advantage gained from making, and sticking to, changes in diet, fitness and mentality.

I am speaking strictly anecdotally but I have clients who have admitted to hiring and promoting based on fitness levels. Their defense was that healthy people have more energy and must have higher discipline if they take care of themselves. This was when compared to someone else who was as equally qualified for the position. There is some truth to this based on studies; in the U.K. "Employees who exercise regularly cut instances of “absenteeism”, the phenomenon where employees are at work but only performing to a fraction of their full potential", estimating at a loss of £8.4 billion annual cost for the U.K.

Now that we are arriving at the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow let's talk about the top three changes to your health that can be performed for the highest return on income over the course of your lifetime.

1. Sleep (quality and quantity)

2. Practice of intermittent fasting

3. Intensity of Exercise

personal trainer leads you to sleep for great health benefits and weight loss
Sleep is healths greatest tool

1. Sleep is by far, hands down, the best return on health that you can receive. Almost any illness or stressor, physical or mental, quality sleep can benefit you. In fact, in my line of work the number one tool we see that helps for weight loss across the board is quality sleep. Projects you take on and participation with co workers improve drastically when well rest4ed. If you can ma