Age is a Case of Mind Over Matter

Fitness isn't a destination, it's a path
Age slower in Austin Texas

We’re old and it’s going to get harder and harder to reach our fitness goals. Right? A lot of us tend to live in these memories of how we used to look, feel, perform and just about whatever we wanted without repercussions.

This isn't necessarily inaccurate and I even agree, to some degree, I will not fight you on the basics of our biology.

Remember eating 2 pizzas when you were 18 and you would somehow lose weight? It was like we were made of fairy dust and metabolism (and horrendous perfumes and body sprays).

It’s tough looking back at how easy something was and how you looked and felt. I don’t want to state the obvious. What I want is to give a different perspective on the advantages of age that we didn't have in our youth, the pillars of age.

Do you remember doing your taxes for the first time? It was either when you hit 18 or whenever you parents finally made you do them your self (I'm guilty of the latter). There are few things scarier, then doing your taxes for the first time.

It was so damn frightening! What do all the things mean? What form do I fill out and why? How much do I deduct? Am I going to jail if I make a mistake?

It took a few years, and lots of conversations, to feel comfortable enough to get where you are now. Doing your taxes has become as simple as seeing your accountant, or using an app. It's just a part of your day.

How about the first time you took your car to the mechanic? Or dealing with your fridge breaking down? Visiting a foreign country where the native language isn’t English?

In fact, because of all the barriers you have overcome, you set up a more predictable life because you have overcome life's biggest challenges. Like what city you will live in and what career path to invest your time in, maybe even take the next big step with the love of your life.

Your life is mostly in a state of controlled chaos. Even if you have children you know what kind of chaos you are getting into.

My point? You have a much more manageable life than yo