5 Exercises you can do at your desk

We all need a little assistance in being reminded to move a little more. Here is a guide to 8 exercises you could be doing at your desk. Living in downtown Austin limits your options for movement but with our RX Fit personal trainers you are in very good hands.

1. Chair dip, is the simplest technique that can reduce pressure on your spine and relieve some of that emotional stress. put your hands on both sides of your seat and just push off as if you were doing a dip and just try and get your butt of the chair ever so slightly. Do this in sets of 12 for 4 sets. Anyone watching will hardly even notice you are exercising!

2. Desk press, is plain fun and super easy to do. Start with both of your hands on you desk and grip it tight. Now, pull yourself towards the desk and then press away. That's it. Do this in sets of 16 for 4 sets.

3. Core squeeze. This exercise is so easy it seems like it shouldn't even work. Take a big deep breath and then hold it and just push that breath into your lower abdomen and tighten all your abs at once. Hold that squeeze as you let out your breath. Once you release all of your breath then start again. Do this 12 times for 3 sets.

4. Oblique tuck, is for the core. We all love those stomach exercises. While sitting straight up tilt your right shoulder towards the ground until that shoulder is point at the ground, without falling out of your chair. Use the side ab muscles on the left to pull you back up and then do the same for the right side. Perform 12 reps for each side for 3 sets.

5. Squats! These are easily the most important exercise. Squats are so dynamic and functional, not to mention they have such a big impact on weight loss. With this exercise you will have to stand and push your chair away from you. Now just drop your hips to the level of your knees and without buckling your knees, stand back up. You will get massive points if you can focus on using more of your butt during this movement rather than using your legs.

Thank you for sticking around and "listening" to our simple approaches to getting to your best you. When you feel up to the challenge go and book a complimentary consult on our "Book Consult" page and find out if RX Personal Trainers are the path for you to happiness and fun!