3 Ways to Boost your Confidence Through Fitness

Confidence is a beautiful thing. It's considered to be the X factor in our lives. It can help you get that new position, in which you know you happen to be vastly under qualified. Confidence gets you that date, or a free morning cup of coffee from the barista on occasion. RX Fit pro's know more than anything else that it also increases overall attractiveness, and appeal to your peers.

You can boost every aspect of your life through this "life hack" and it can be developed in the weight room.


There's nothing quite like that feeling, with a friend you haven't seen in awhile, and they stare at you and ask "Have you lost weight?". It's a major sign of accomplishment, it's a representation of all the effort and work you've been putting in the weight room and kitchen, in the past several months.

Weight loss is the easiest way to increase confidence, even though it takes the most effort. Keep in mind as you put together a workout regiment that the sooner you see results the longer you will stick to a plan and receive the intended results. Cater your programming in a way that will highlight muscle groups in a way to consume lots of energy, while restricting food types that slow down the energy burning process (inflammatories).


Achieving the previously impossible, In this case it comes in the form of strength training. What I mean is you should lift heavy things off the ground. There comes a surge of confidence when you lift a weight you have never done in the past. It's invigorating, like you can do anything. This doesn't just work for men but women as well. In fact, from my personal experience I noticed women take to this method much more avidly than men. With proper technique, and a solid programming, you can reach new heights in what you thought you can physically handle which makes you question what other challenges in life you can overcome.

Imagine the cover of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, with the symbol of a man carrying the world on his back. It's an incredibly empowering feeling.


Creating an aesthetic for your body is a difficult but highly rewarding endeavor. This may be the most difficult of the 3 way to build confidence because it is more of an art than a science. Think about which type of clothes you wish you could were but can't because they don't look as good on you as they do on your friends or the model that you saw wearing them, however you have a style that works best for you based on the way other clothes fit you because of your physique.